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TCFP Ep-15 - If You Get This, You Know, Let's Touch
Monday, 08 March 2010 12:00

Hollywood royalty joins The Commercials-FREE Podcast this week, as we welcome actor/director Juliet Landau (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Ed Wood) to our little podcast!  Juliet tells us about her directorial effort, Take Flight, her acting career, and what it's like working with Gary Oldman!

Guest: Juliet Landau
Actor/Director Juliet Landau
The Commercials-FREE Podcast welcomes Hollywood royalty this week, as we're joined by actor/director Juliet Landau (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Ed Wood)!

Juliet has a new short film out, Take Flight (www.julietlandaustakeflight.com), which documents the making of a music video for Chutzpah directed by Gary Oldman.  Juliet explains how she got involved, and what she found out by following this incredibly unique production.

We also found out how Juliet got into acting, what it's like having worked on two huge cult favorites, and how her parents (actors Martin Landau and Barbara Bain) influenced her career.

Also, Dave reveals why he's got such a soft spot for Martin Landau, while Ken goes in-depth on his love for Star Trek (which also happens to be the subject of this week's "Fun With Google Voice").

Oh, and there's Dave's war with his bank, Ken's badass grandfather, and a story about throwing plums.  Plums?  Throwing Plums?

The first episode of 2010 sets things off on the right foot as we welcome actor/comedian Amy Schumer (NBC's Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central, The Ellen Degeneres Show) to The Commercials-FREE Podcast!

Amy talks about life on the road, her experience with LCS, fears about getting her luggage confiscated, and her upcoming Comedy Central half-hour stand-up special!

Ken and Dave also deconstruct reality television, play selections from the first-ever folk musician, and reveal embarrassing stories from teenage life.

Plus, a classic Fun With Google Voice and a HIGHLY confrontational edition of Ask the Experts!

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